Week 2 in Seattle! August 1 – 4

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 | No Comments

Our second week in Seattle has passed by so quickly! We have already passed the half-way point of the tour. We started our week with our second follow-up program for the teenagers at the Rainer Vista Boys and Girls Club in South Seattle. What a success! We started the program by forming into small groups and playing some ice-breaker games with the teens. We then started reminding them about the meditation session last week, and asked them questions about what they remembered about meditating. They were much more open with us after having played ice-breaker games. Many expressed a genuine interest and enjoyment in meditation. We also had our first program at the Edmonds Boys and Girls Club on Monday! There was a huge group of 50 kids! We enjoyed teaching the young kids of Edmonds how to balance their channels and use meditation techniques in their daily life. We finished with our program with the ‘Rise and Shine’ and ‘Haidi’ dances.

On Tuesday, we only had 1 program! We went to the Boys and Girls Clubs in Edmonds for our second program there. In only a day’s time we could see a change in the children. They were more settled and it was much easier to get their focus and attention compared to the previous day. When we asked them to remind us how they meditate, everyone quickly folded their legs, put their palms on their laps, and closed their eyes! Many also remembered how to raise their inner energy and give themselves the ‘protective shield’ for their energy center.

On Wednesday, August 3rd we went to our evening follow-up program in Renton. The room was filled with 20 people, 10 new-comers and 10 people who had come to the program the previous week! Everyone had a wonderful meditation experience and left the room feeling much calmer within. Everyone enthusiastically expressed support for the start-up of weekly meetings in the Renton area.

Finally, today – Thursday, August 4th – we finished our Tour’s stay in Seattle with a bang! Three programs in one day! The first program was the second follow-up session with the younger kids of the Rainer Vista Boys and Girls Club. They were such a joy to see again! Many young kids sweetly volunteered to demonstrate what they remembered from our session with them last week. We talked with them about how to use meditation in their daily lives and about telling their parents about the local meetings. The staff of the Boys and Girls Club at Rainer Vista also had their own meditation experience today. Our second program of the day was hosted by the Girls Scouts of America at the Bellevue Library. People from our previous Girls Scouts program last week returned for this program as well and expressed their interest of regularly coming to local meetings.

We finished the day with a follow-up Public Program at Bellevue Library. It was such a beautiful way to end our Tour’s stay in seattle because the experience of the people who came to the meeting was so moving. Some people’s eyes teared up as they were left speechless after their first meditation experience. People returned from the program last week at the Bellevue library as well. Again, numerous people expressed an interest to attend the regular local meetings at the Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.