Weekend in Portland, OR

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 | No Comments

What a whirlwind of a weekend we had in Portland! We arrived straight from Seattle to our first program in Portland at the Blazers Boys and Girls Club. It took almost 20 minutes to settle down the really hyper kids, but once they were calmer and balanced they were able to easily experience meditation. Many times we asked this group of around 30 kids what they felt while they were meditating, and numerous kids replied that they felt a coolness on their hands. We had two meditations with them, and in our second meditation we taught them short songs to balance their energy centers. We finished our program with the ‘Haida’ dance we have been teaching kids at every one of our Boys and Girls Club programs.

On Saturday, July 30 we went to the Portland Farmer’s Market! In the very center of the market we set up a ‘booth’ that spanned 360 degrees, and for a few hours we sat there teaching people visiting the market how to meditate. So many Portland-ers were interested in learning about meditation! We ended our trip to Portland by holding a program in Longview/Kelso, WA on our way back from Portland to Seattle. The program started quite slow, and there was a general feeling of lethargy about us. But after singing a couple of fast songs and enjoying the beats of the drums, we were all pumped with joy and ready to return for our next full week of programs in Seattle!