July 28 – Busy Busy Busy

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An early, 6 am, wake up kicked off perhaps our busiest day yet. Our first stop for the day was Rainer Vista, back to the first Boys and Girls Club we visited on the tour. Today we were given about 75 younger children. With a group so large it was a challenge keeping them under control, but in the end it was a very joyous experience, filled with the song and dance that has become core to our programs. Afterwards we mingled in with the children, looking at instruments, playing basketball, cards, tag, and just generally enjoying the time after the program.

Our next stop was our last day at Bagley Elementary. The meeting went tremendously well, you could really see how the children had changed from our first program. The children entered to flute music and slipped straight into meditation. Later we split the children up into small groups and had them work on each other. And finally, we finished off the program with an enthusiastic request to dance the Haida. The children were sad to see us go, shouting “We love meditation and we love you!” as we walked away. To which we responded “We love Boys and Girls Club and we love you!”

After that we split up and went to four different evening programs. The majority of us went to the Renton Library. A success by all accounts. One woman had a very powerful experience when she was being worked on. She was asked to put her hand on her vishuddhi and say to herself “I am not guilty.” Later she said that as soon as she said this she felt a clenching in her chest and then asked if Priya, who had been working on the woman, had been hitting her in the back. She said that throughout the meditation she had felt this pulsing feeling in her back.

Personally, I attended the Bellevue Library program. Apparently the library had scheduled us for the day before, and so in the end we found ourself in a small 8 person room. We stood outside the entrances to the Library and politely informed passers by that there was a free meditation program in the room. Only a mere 2 people came from the advertisements, but a good 15 more joined us spontaneously.

Some of us joined an ongoing program at the Bellevue Crossroads Mall. One of the local yogis led the newcomers through some footsoak and meditation. Despite only a few people coming, those who did seemed interested, and no doubt enjoyed the experience.

The final program for the day was at Lynnwood. This one was advertised as a music program, and though there weren’t too many people they really enjoyed the music. We sung some bhajans, and played some classical Indian music.

After that we came home to get some rest before heading down to Portland tomorrow.

– Devindra Payment, Age 19, Vancouver