July 27 – Programs at Shoreline Library

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To start off the day we got a chance to sleep in! Well, it was only a half hour, but everyone enjoyed the extra time. Although our day wasn’t too busy, we had plenty of things to figure out since we were doing our first programs at a public library. In the daytime the girls were going to head there for a program for the Girl Scouts, and in the evening we had our first adult program. We ended up splitting up, boys and girls, with the girls going to the early library program for the kids, and the boys went to pass out flyers throughout Shoreline for the evening library program. For the children’s library program the girls prepared some wonderful songs, dances, and  a simple meditation that was enjoyable for the kids. We had a song called “Haida” which also included a fun dance. The kids learned it and smiles and laughter quickly filled the room. Along with a couple other songs, and a beautiful classical Indian dance performance, nearly all the children felt the immediate result of the meditation. Some kids even wanted to keep meditating longer. In the evening time, the girls joined the boys for the adult program, and while there weren’t very many people who attended, the meditation experience was wonderful. Everyone felt the state of peace and complete silence within. We ended with an amazing musical performance from flute and harmonium to wrap up the meditation and finish up our day.

– Maya Uzunow, Age 18, Seattle