July 26 – Day 2 at the North Seattle BG Club

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 | One Comment

I awoke to a gloomy day, rain trickling down the window pane and wind blowing through the cracks in the wall. The silence broken by the thoughts clouding my mind. I collapsed onto my knees, praying to God to clear my mind. Suddenly my mind was clear, I staggered, unsure of the state I was in.. It was meditation. The most beauteous moment in my life. My mind was clear. The lotus within me opened its first petal. 3:27 PM – I found myself sitting amongst the future. My soul yearned to give these children their self-realization. At this program I found myself in a state of silence. I wished for future generations of this country to be able to experience this. Swiftly this silence engulfed our beings, leaving all individuals in the room astonished. The children were gleaming. Their teacher was left flabbergasted as she had never seen them this peaceful before. She began to take photographs with a great smile on her face. The attendants of the meditation tour began to sing, causing another eruption of euphoria amongst the group. We all began to dance. 4:44 PM – We left the program, our souls filled with happiness. – Andy Starzacher, Age 19, UK

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  1. Carolyn Vance
    August 5, 2011

    Tears of joy are flowing…and i feel thunderous vibrations reading your stories about the great work you young people are doing for other young people…
    I love you all!
    Jai Shri Mataji!!!!
    Auntie Carolyn