July 25th – Boys and Girls Clubs at Rainer Vista and North Seattle

Posted on Jul 26, 2011 | One Comment

Our very first summer program at a Boys and Girls Club today was in South Seattle and the Rainer Vista Boys and Girls Club. We met with a group of 30 kids, ranging from 6 years old up until 16 years old! We presented a skit, showing the different attitudes that young people might have towards meditation – either thinking that they are too lazy to try it out, or just too cool to try it out ; ) Then all the kids went through the meditation session, everyone felt the energy coming from their neighbor’s hands too! We sang some multicultural songs and one of us did a spoken word piece. We then wrapped up with another meditation, and left the club only after finishing one epic basketball match with the kids there!

Our second program today was at North Seattle Boys and Girls Club, which is located at the Bagley Elementary School close to Greenlake. We split up between 2 classrooms and worked with 2 groups of kids with around 15 kids in each group. Each class had much younger kids than at our first club, for the kids were around 5 or 6 years old. The kids looooooved us! They started by telling us everything they already knew about meditation and all the things they expected to feel from meditating. We went through a meditation exercise with each group and asked if they could feel something on the palms of their hands and on the palms of their peers’ hands, and they were so surprised and enthusiastic to discover that they could in fact feel something! We also had a wonderful dance session with each group, showing them how to do a simple Turkish dance, as part of our multicultural entertainment. To cool off, we all sat down again and ended with a short meditation. We are going to go back to this club tomorrow to work with the same group so stay tuned!

– Garima Singh, Age 23, Los Angeles


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  1. Carolyn Vance
    July 26, 2011

    Reading the story made my heart soar and vibrations increase. And the photos of all those beautiful children meditating, well…now i’m in the Kingdom of God with you.