Week 2 in Seattle! August 1 – 4

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Our second week in Seattle has passed by so quickly! We have already passed the half-way point of the tour. We started our week with our second follow-up program for the teenagers at the Rainer Vista Boys and Girls Club in South Seattle. What a success! We started the program by forming into small groups […]

Weekend in Portland, OR

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What a whirlwind of a weekend we had in Portland! We arrived straight from Seattle to our first program in Portland at the Blazers Boys and Girls Club. It took almost 20 minutes to settle down the really hyper kids, but once they were calmer and balanced they were able to easily experience meditation. Many […]

July 28 – Busy Busy Busy

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An early, 6 am, wake up kicked off perhaps our busiest day yet. Our first stop for the day was Rainer Vista, back to the first Boys and Girls Club we visited on the tour. Today we were given about 75 younger children. With a group so large it was a challenge keeping them under […]

July 27 – Programs at Shoreline Library

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To start off the day we got a chance to sleep in! Well, it was only a half hour, but everyone enjoyed the extra time. Although our day wasn’t too busy, we had plenty of things to figure out since we were doing our first programs at a public library. In the daytime the girls were […]

July 26 – Day 2 at the North Seattle BG Club

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I awoke to a gloomy day, rain trickling down the window pane and wind blowing through the cracks in the wall. The silence broken by the thoughts clouding my mind. I collapsed onto my knees, praying to God to clear my mind. Suddenly my mind was clear, I staggered, unsure of the state I was […]

July 25th – Boys and Girls Clubs at Rainer Vista and North Seattle

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Our very first summer program at a Boys and Girls Club today was in South Seattle and the Rainer Vista Boys and Girls Club. We met with a group of 30 kids, ranging from 6 years old up until 16 years old! We presented a skit, showing the different attitudes that young people might have […]

July 23rd – Renton River Days Parade + Fair

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The Renton River Days Festival was a lively and summery kick-off for the North American Meditation Tour. We took place in the very colorful parade that ranged from the local high school “Bye Bye Birdie Production” to a Pirate Float! Music, colorful banners and loud chants, accompanied by the streamers and balloon covering the van, […]